My Comic Book Heroes Part One

Last week the guys at asked me for my top 5 comic book heroes. The wonderful Joe Iley (imagine Corey Feldman as he SHOULD have looked when he grew up) helped me with the words and all.

DISCLAIMER:  I realise that many will scream “Where’s Chris Ware?!”, but this is a personal list, and while he’s wonderful and all, he just didn’t make the cut. 

I’ll serialise it here for you guys…

Charles Burns

Burns is best known for his seventies high school sex horror Black Hole. The story follows a group of kids dealing with an unexplained STI that transforms the carrier into a mutant. Not a cool, X-man-esque mutant who zaps things with their fingers, more a ‘I-have-boils-where-my-eyes-should-be’ mutant. The narrative’s dark, fascinating and Lynchian and in synchronicity with Burns’ exquisite artwork. It could serve as a safe sex awareness campaign, however it would probably backfire and be too effective and humanity would be too terrified to have babies and we’d all die out.

Burns has just done a Herge inspired freak-fest called X’ed Out. It looks amazing and every second you spend not reading it is a second wasted.

for the full article;

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